3 in 1 postpartum belt

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post partum belly

Pregnancy can quickly change the beautiful physique of any woman, and it can easily make her slip into that terrible postpartum depression. Fortunately, there is a solution for this – the postpartum girdle!

Functions: Postpartum Recovery, useful in diastatis recti, Weight loss, Protecting Waist and the hips,
Tommy Trimmer, Body Shaper, Keep Slim.
Useful in both Cesarean section birth and vaginal birth.





It is made of excellent material, looks very durable and is even recommended by some doctors, which is no wonder since this postpartum girdle gives you a back pain relief and also improves your posture.


M: for waist 72-102cm;

L: for waist 88-110cm;

XL: for waist 96-115cm;

XXL: for waist 115cm above

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